Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New year, new thoughts?

The world throughout the years has taught...scratch that.. told us that when everything in our lives starts to fit together perfectly, when we feel that  everything is just right ,that things cannot be this good and something will eventually cause turmoil...that we do not fully deserve the perfect partner, job, home,health ...etc . We fixate so much on the thought that something will surely cause this current perfect state to come crashing down that eventually we will it on ourselves. The universe hears us saying over and over again and has no other option but to send a terrible wrench in your plan hurling toward you. We have to stop and realize we deserve everything we have, you have worked hard to get where you are today.. enjoy it. Tell that person in your life thank you for being there, I love you. If you have good health, always be thankful and try to live a full life. 
 We crave adventure, but we have been beaten over the head to call it  a "vacation" and that it is socially acceptable to go once maybe twice a year if we are lucky. What deemed this to be the only time as an adult to go out and explore and fully enjoy ourselves? To finally unplug and live? What if you had no limit on vacation time and you were given the opportunity to take breaks as needed..wanted? Go hike, take a short weekend away, learn a new skill... it is not just a new year that has my brain on overload but the fact that time is passing so quickly and I keep saying "next year.. that is the year I finally...." No one else will give us the things we want, you have to run toward them and grab them never letting go. Create the life you want, live it, and know you deserve it.  

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